Air Tight Metered Dispenser (Patent Pending)

The Problem: Standard pouches are messy and are contaminated once opened to the air. Pump containers are expensive, non-recyclable, and can leave up to 15% of their contents inside, and they do not work upside down.

The Solution: Response Technologies, LLC is proud to introduce a comprehensive packaging solution that can meet all of your application needs.

Featuring 1Touch® Technology, this integrated and simple pouch approach combines all the benefits of a pump package, while eliminating the deficiencies of other dispenser technologies.

The 1Touch air tight metered dispenser is:

  • Simple

  • Lower Cost

  • Healthier

  • Greener

  • Less Wasteful


  • Reliable & Repeatable Dosage

  • Airless Package = Longer Useful Life

  • 360 Degree Application

  • Less Waste – 98% Product Use Up

  • FDA Approved Materials

  • ECO-Friendly – 85% Less Packaging Materials

For more information regarding our innovative air tight metered dispenser capability, contact us at 401-585-5918 today or simply send us a message using our web form.