Explosion Resistant Fuel Tanks

Explosion Resistant Fuel Tanks (ERFT’s) are currently used in place of integral or metal tanks for increased safety and more effective fuel containment.

These ERFT’s increase crash survivability and are used in light aircraft, rotorcraft, commercial airliners, military aircraft, missiles, spacecraft, and more commonly in all levels of auto racing and security details.

The Problem:

Weight: Material overlap, seams, and WWII era materials adds non-value-added weight.

Manufacturing Costs: Sacrificial molds and hand workmanship adds material, lead time, significant labor cost, and construction variation.

Maintenance Costs: Poor fuel compatibility with new synthetic and bio-blended fuels is decreasing ERFT life and increasing maintenance efforts

Survivability: Many military ERFTs do not meet the current Crashworthy specification.

The Solution:

Response Technologies has developed a patent pending process using additive manufacturing combined with automation and advanced materials to create their innovative disruptive fuel cells. This technology allows for a small footprint, low capital cost and fast lead times and has the following benefits:

Weight Reduction:

  • Elimination of seam-overlap weight, and its material costs, and variation

  • Added reinforcements where needed, reducing weight where it is not

  • Potential to replace aluminum fittings with lighter weight composites

Total Ownership Cost Reduction:

  • Elimination of manufacturing and “one-time-use” forms and their subsequent removal

  • Improved fuel compatibility increasing life and decreasing maintenance time and costs


  • Working towards MIL-DTL-27422F Qualification

  • 21st century construction materials to maximize performance


RT has passed a majority of the MIL-DTL 27422F Phase I verification tests to include the 65’ drop test.

Drop Test Videos: View our test videos HERE.