3D Textile Process (Patent Pending)

What We Do:

Response Technologies, LLC combines our innovative additive manufacturing expertise with our advanced material science engineering to deliver 3D textile reinforced flexible and rigid structures without bonded or welded seams!

Benefits Include:

  • Eliminates Welded Seams

  • Lighter Weight

  • Huge Manufacturing Cost & Lead Time Reduction

  • Reinforcement Only Where Needed

  • Reduced Manufacturing Footprint

  • Use of Dissimilar Chemistries for Differentiated Performance

  • Increased Survivability

  • Longer Effective Lifespan

  • Total Ownership Cost Reduction

Our Patent Pending Process Includes:

  • High-performance coated and uncoated fibers as feedstocks – Examples include Aramid / Kevlar®, PBO / Zylon®, UHMWPE / Spectra®, Carbon Fiber, and Ballistic Nylon.

  • 3D textile shape is additively manufactured

  • 3D shape is formed using our patent-pending process

  • Objects are coated for: durability, rigidity, and flexible. Multiple functional coatings can be used on and within the same objects. Examples include: Urethane, Silicone, PVDF, and PolyEthlyene.

  • Fittings are applied and product tested to your specification and performance needs

For more information regarding our unique 3D textile process, contact us at [insert_php]the_field(‘phone_number’, ‘options’);[/insert_php] today or simply send us a message using our web form.