About Us

Response Technologies, LLC is an award-winning scientific company that is dedicated to the design and development of products and technologies that enhance some of the world’s largest industries, including tactical defense, automotive & transportation, aerospace, energy, and more. Our organization combines material technology with research & development capability to achieve the perfect material or process for our client requirements.

Our expertise in material science covers elastomers, plastics, coatings, foams, textiles, fibers, and more. As leaders in our field, Response Technologies is the ideal partner to develop and execute solutions to all your analytical testing, sourcing, and distribution needs.


David Pettey

David has over 30 years of product development and custom fabrication experience. David has an MS in Textile Engineering and a PhD in Engineering Management.

Ed Bard

Ed has over 20 years of experience working in military, operations, engineering, and technical business development. Ed is a chemical engineer by trade with an MBA.


Response Technologies, LLC operates a nearly 10,000 square foot facility near Providence, RI with extensive analytical, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities to meet the demands of our growing clientele.