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Rapidly Develop & Commercialize Disruptive 3D Plastics, Textiles and Composite Solutions for the Defense and Commercial Marketplace.

Response Technologies, LLC

At Response Technologies, LLC, we utilize cutting-edge additive manufacturing and innovative material science to develop, manufacture, and distribute disruptive composite solutions to today’s most complex challenges. With over 30 years of product development and fabrication experience, we serve tactical defense, automotive & transportation, aerospace, energy, and consumer goods industries nationwide.

  • 3D Textile Process

    We combine additive manufacturing with material science to innovate 3D textile reinforced flexible and rigid structures.

  • Air Tight Metered Dispenser

    We provide a simple, healthy, and green packaging solution that’s low in cost and waste to optimize your bottom line.

  • Fiber Based Flame Retardant Textiles and Garments

    The basic value propositions are:
    Durable (washing)
    Light Weight (comfort)
    Green (halogen free)

  • Improved Fuel Resistant Reticulated Foam Treatment

    Response Technologies [RT] has an internally developed and novel process for treating existing urethane open cell foams to improve fluid (fuel, water, oil, silicone coolant) resistance. Solution has the potential to double the life of existing electrically resistive and safety aircraft fuel foam while allowing for wider use of bio-blend fuels without ethanol degradation. The affected foams are used for stealth technology, electrical shielding and for fuel tank inerting and anti-sloshing.

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